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Is silicone toys safe?

Categories:Latest NewsVisit: 0 Release time: 2021-07-29
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Baby tooth gum is also called the grind machine, practice tooth grinding rods, grinding machine, machine, etc., generally by silicone, rubber, latex, thermoplastic elastomer and thermoplastic plastics, due to the teeth when using direct entry suck, tooth rubber material is safety and health, teeth, gum problems such as the structure is safe and reliable is consumer's attention.

So in the material, silicone baby gum usually needs to use food-grade high transparent gas phase method silicone rubber raw material customized production, the product can reach contact with human skin without any harm; On the other side, the silicone product is substantive, the material can withstand temperature 40-230 degrees, easy to clean, the product has a certain elasticity and toughness, so do not worry about deformation, aging and damage phenomenon, more adaptable, no matter oil, freezing or high temperature can be used.
Banana gum is a medical-grade silicone with cute shapes and is easy for babies to grasp. The white part has a serrated design at the front for massaging teeth.

Gripping ball gum is also A lot of mother love, bright color, unique shape will be very attractive to babies, silicone hose, material does not contain bisphenol A, can be A good exercise of baby grasping ability, and each tube can be bitten, silicone material is also easy to clean.

When the baby teething is often inseparable from the baby silicone gum. It can alleviate the discomfort caused by teething and help the baby exercise chewing and biting. Linze times focus on baby products for 20 years, can be customized according to customer needs of a variety of silicone toys.