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Silica gel ice lattice usage encyclopedia

Categories:Latest NewsVisit: 0 Release time: 2021-08-06
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Are there any other uses for ice trays besides making ice? Today, I bring other usages of ice lattice to my friends. I feel that the usage of each ice lattice is very good, practical and good-looking.

1: Open each pomegranate seed and freeze it with pure water. This method is super simple, so the pomegranate ice is not only beautiful, but also with the sour, sweet, bitter and hot pomegranate;
2: Ice chocolate: black coffee frozen, then put the ice into the milk, add peanut butter and honey, this is the most delicious ice chocolate, good to explode!

3: Easy spice storage: Spices like rosemary and thyme can be resealed with olive oil.
4: Make chocolate cake such as strawberries: 1020 strawberries (blueberries), microwave, stir 3050 grams of chocolate. Each ice cube should be filled with 2/3 chocolate and 1 strawberry (depending on the size of the ice cube and the number of ice cubes). Once you've put the blueberries and chocolate away, put them in the freezer for an hour (just freeze the chocolate); It's not easy, so grab your ice cube and try it.

5: chilled vanilla milk coffee: chocolate, instant coffee, sugar, milk practice: melted chocolate, add a little sugar, frozen in chilled vanilla milk for an hour, then add coffee milk.
6: Fruit ice or fruit salad: Pour a small amount of water into ice cubes, then add strawberries, blueberries, and freeze. Yellow peach and mango smoothie: Grind the yellow peach (canned) into a fine puffy, then freeze it in an ice bag. Thin ice boiled can be put into the drink yo!

7: Ice is a puree sandwich: Add a different puree to each layer of ice, and then freeze. Special drink method: put small kumquat + mint into ice tray, pour kumquat.
8: ice dyed wool: making a variety of colors of ice, and then take out a big bowl, into the white wool, and then evenly into the ice, until the ice melts, pollution-free colorful wool is made successfully!

In addition, the ice lattice must also choose silica gel ice lattice, silica gel ice lattice is food grade, the use of the above ice lattice is edible; For our health and safety, it is recommended to use silica gel ice trays for food.

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