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What if your new silicone bowl smells?

Categories:Latest NewsVisit: 0 Release time: 2021-07-19
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Silicone rubber bowl and articles for daily use are made of food grade silica gel to reduce the cost, some manufacturers chose the manufactured industrial-grade silicone, silicone products for the solid silica gel, unless the less good raw materials, generally there is no problem, and silicone products and other materials, in the process of production inevitably there are some factors product is faulty.

Initial products will inevitably have a taste, silicone raw materials are basically non-toxic and tasteless, manufacturers in the production process according to the requirements of the product characteristics to decide the product. For the smell of the product, the vulcanizing agent is very important, such as made of cheap can not up to standard of vulcanizing agent products smell is inevitable, and because the silicone products of silica gel adsorption and the adsorption effect of color rubber products produce certain smells, coupled with high temperature vulcanization molding silicon molecules completely solid forming, and just the smell of the product is made of normal phenomenon, In addition, sealed bags are used to store the silicon molecules in contact with air circulation. Generally, the odor will evaporate slowly after 48 hours.

In addition, the silicone bowl manufacturers for new products for deodorization, and deodorants that appeared on the market, it is not for baking products and cheap raw materials production, lead to send out phenomenon, use for a long time and then especially in the high temperature, ozone environment heavier place easily emit ozone, if there is peculiar smell can refer to the following several kinds of silicone bowl in addition to taste method.

Put powder flavour in sealed bags for a long time, also can put in high temperature water vapour, repeated several times after dry, scattered odor will disappear, so that large quantities of products can also use baking machine baking, with high temperature of 150 degrees bake for an hour or so, scattered odor will disappear a lot, with silica gel in addition to flavor agent in addition to flavor, in addition to flavor agent, main is a kind of cleaning products In addition to silicon products for many materials of products have a good taste in addition to skills, non-toxic and odorless silicone food without any harm. And for the purchase of products to pay attention to is to see the smell of silicone rubber tableware and whether the performance is qualified!
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